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Metallic organization since 2000

BaggioGroup has a large internal warehouse where you can store the material until the moment of delivery.
We are able to manage the supply chain according to the needs of our customers, using the most advanced methods for controlling the flows of materials up to direct delivery to our client.

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Our philosophy

We propose to the customer, right from the design phase alongside him, to optimize the subsequent production processes in the best possible way.
We carry out the feasibility study, design, product engineering, planning of production processes, with the construction of the fundamental elements that make up the finished products.
Our technologies are always updated and in line with the new concepts and needs of the market and our customers, allowing us to always obtain high quality standards.
All our processes are monitored and structured according to the guidelines linked to the UNI EN ISO 9001-2015 standard (qualified), which represents product safety and reliability for our Customer.

Great importance is given to the Human factor and to the work environment, because we believe that these two elements are fundamental and vital for our production flow, but in particular for the well-being of those who work daily within our Organization, in fact ours. company has obtained the System Certificate for Safety and Health in Workplaces, according to the European standards EN 45001: 2018 for a continuous improvement of the relationship with our Collaborators, our Customers and the network of Suppliers that work daily together with We for a High Quality Production Chain, to guarantee a system that is always updated and in line with the continuous evolutions in terms of Regulations. Soon we will achieve the certification of the environmental management system according to the European standards ISO 14001: 2015 for an appropriate control on environmental sustainability.

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