Press bending

Press bending for sheet metal processing: what it is and how it works.

Bending is a process that involves the permanent deformation of the sheet through a bending action.
This technique is based on the property of various metals to have a “neutral fiber” inside that deforms without stretching or contracting.
The choice of metal is of fundamental importance in sheet metal bending; in fact, this material must be sufficiently plastic so as not to cause breakages in the vicinity of the fold. Another crucial factor is the determination and correction of springback.
The folding in fact involves a stretching of the external fibers and a tracing of the internal fibers; from this derive internal tensions which are partly released after bending, causing the phenomenon of elastic return. Our equipment guarantees the control of this effect for an optimal result for each piece.


The semi-finished products obtained from this operation can be used in many industrial sectors: furniture, construction, construction of agricultural machinery, household appliances, scientific instruments, logistics systems for handling and many others.
Soon we will install an automatic bending system with movement of the pieces by anthropomorphic robot.

Baggio Group is a company based in Cittadella that also deals with press-bending and sheet metal processing at 360 °.
Thanks to its highly specialized staff with consolidated experience in the sector and equipped with the latest generation machinery, it is able to guarantee excellent and certified workmanship.



Baggio Group – Press bending for sheet metal working

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