robotic and manual welding

Manual welding

In this phase all the semi-finished products, flat, folded, mechanical components come together, where our Certified Master Welders put together all the elements, to give shape to simple and complex structures.
We perform manual welding on different metals and on different thicknesses where this type of procedure is more suitable than a mechanized one.

manual-welding-Cittadella- baggior-group

Robotic welding

Thanks to our robotic welding systems we guarantee precise and defined processing, in a short time, on medium-large batches,
with a scrupulous control from the point of view of continuity of finish and quality.
BaggioGroup is an important reference for welding
robotized and manual in Cittadella and in the province, but not only.



Thanks to its internal departments for manual and robotic welding, Baggio Group carries out complete processes, guaranteeing in addition to precision also the reduction of delivery times and a higher control over the quality of the workings

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